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1.0 Player Picks

1a: Pick sheets will be posted no later than Wednesday 7:00 AM ET the week of the games.

1b: All player picks must be in no later than Saturday 11:59 PM ET. (Or the stated time on the web site.) If a player fails to have their picks in before the deadline, they will receive the favorites for that week and a Monday night total of 28. There are no exceptions!

1c: All player picks for that week will posted no later than 10:00AM ET on Sunday. After making your picks the player will have the opportunity to print out their picks for that week. Should any question about the accuracy of your picks arise, please contact the Pool Administrator along with any other supporting information at some point on Sunday. If there was a mistake made on the postings of your picks, they will be corrected and a pool-wide email will be sent to all members explaining the correction.

1d: On the week's when there are Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday night games check the web site for deadlines for getting picks in for these games.

2.0 Prizes

2a: The player with the most wins each week wins the weekly prize. In case of a tie, the closest to the point total of that week's Monday night game will be the winner. If players are still tied, the winner will be the player with the current higher season ranking.

2b: There is a weekly prize every week during the regular season. There is no weekly prize during the playoffs. However, playoff games DO COUNT toward final season standings.

2b1: The top 15 places at the end of season will win prizes. If we get a high number of people playing we may increase this number of prize spots.

2c: The player with the best Monday Night Total Point Average at seasons end (including the Playoffs) wins a prize.

2d: The last game of the original schedule is used for total point average if there is NOT a Monday Night Game that week.

2e: The player who finishes in last place for the season wins a prize.

2e.1: In the event of a tie for last place for the season, the last place winner will be the player with the better Monday Night Total Point Average.

2f:  The player stuck dead middle at the end of the NFL season (including playoffs and Super Bowl) will win a prize. If the middle number is a half point we will round up to the next number.

2g: All end of season prizes will be determined by the beginning of the playoffs and posted on the NFL Pool Online website.

2h: Weekly prizes will be determined by week 4.

2i: If you win a season prize in any year, you must keep the same pool name the following season.

2j: Season Bonus does not pay if player is not paid in full in which the undefeated week occurs.

3.0 Standings

3a: End of season standings are determined by the player with the most wins. In case of a tie, the player with the best Monday Night tie breaker average is ranked higher. If a third tie breaker is needed the best average season rank (which can be found under your player stat-pack through out the season) is used. 

3b: Updated weekly and season standings will be available after the 1pm and 4pm games on Sunday's

3c: Final weekly and season standings will be available each week by Tuesday, 2:00pm ET.

4.0 Player Fees

4a: The fee for each player name is $125 per season which is non-refundable.

4a.1: Players may play more then one name in the pool, but must pay $125.00 for each player name.

4b: We accept money orders, checks and cash for payment. If you would like to pay with your credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover or Amex) via Paypal click here or contact the Pool Administrator.

4b.1:There is an addition $5.00 fee for paying via Paypal For Regular Pool.                    Additional $6.00 fee for Regular pool and Survivor pool. And an additional $7.00 to play in all 3 pools. Regular, Survivor, and High 5. These are the fees Paypal charges us. If you do not want to pay fees. You can send a personal check or pay cash in person.

4c: All Players must be paid in full by the beginning of week 1. There are no exceptions to this, any player not paid in full by the beginning of week 1 will be eliminated.

4d: Any money that has been collected from an eliminated player will be added to the end of the season prize account.

5.0 Survivor Pool

5a: You must play in the regular season pool to qualify to play in the survivor pool.

5b: You must pick 1 team each week straight up. (no point spread used)

5c: When you get 2 losses you are eliminated.

5d: You can not pick a team more than once. If you do submit a team that you have previously picked earlier in the season, you will get an automatic loss for that week. This means if you picked a team in the regular season you can not pick that team again at anytime during the season, including playoffs.

5e: If you do not submit a pick, you will get a loss for that week.

5f: The Survivor Pool is optional and is an additional $25 fee on top of the standard pool fee $125. You do not have to participate in the Survivor Pool but in order to play in the Survivor Pool you must participate in the regular pool.

5g: The last remaining player to stay alive after a completed week wins the Survivor Pool pot. (pot depends on the number of players x $25) This is a winner take all pool, there will be no deals made through the pool manager to split the pot.

5g.1: In the event of a tie, the pot will be split between the remaining players who are still alive or who are all eliminated on the same week.

5h: The Survivor Pool can continue throughout the playoffs if necessary. When making your picks be aware that you may want to save a few potential playoff teams. (see rule 5d)

5i: Once the pick sheet has been closed and the picks posted you can not change your team selection, this includes blank entries, if you fail to submit a Survivor team pick by the deadline you get a loss!

5j: If the team you pick ends their game in a tie you will not get a loss for the week.  In order to be eliminated you must suffer two losses, a tie game is not a loss. Rule 5d will still apply for your future picks.

5k: Survivor pool II: All rules in Survivor pool II are exactly the same as above. This is a totally separate pool. You must play in the original Survivor pool to qualify to play in the Survivor pool II.

6.0 The High 5 Pool

6a: You must play in the regular season pool to qualify to play in the High 5 pool.

6b: You must pick your 5 best teams against the spread. 

6c: The pool is scored on a point system. (Point Table Below)

6d: All Points scored each week are added together and the top 3 players with the most points at the end of week 17 will be the High 5 Winners.

6e: If you submit the same team twice or more in a single week in the High 5 pool and that team wins you will receive 1 win and 1 loss for each duplicate pick.                                                 

6f: If you fail to have your picks in by the deadline of Saturday night 1159pm you will receive 5 blank entries and score 0 points in that week.

6g: This pool ends at week 17 and does not continue into the playoffs.

6h: In case of a tie the player with the most 5 win weeks will be ranked higher. If still tied, the player with the most 4 win weeks will be ranked higher. If still tied we will go to most 3 win weeks and so on until the tie is broken.

6i: The High 5 Pool is optional and is an additional $25 fee on top of the standard pool fee $125. You do not have to participate in the High 5 Pool but in order to play in the High 5 Pool you must participate in the regular pool.


6j:      POINT TABLE 

        1 Win  = 1 Point 

      2 Wins = 3 Points

      3 Wins = 5 Points

      4 Wins = 8 Points

      5 Wins = 12 Points 

7.0 NFL Pool Online Disclaimer

We reserve the right to modify, omit or add to any or all the rules above. All decisions made by the Pool Administration Team are final. This pool is meant to be fun and enjoyable, should any problems arise please notify the Pool Administrator immediately. We may send you email updates through-out the season, please read each one as it may contain important information. This site is not affiliated with the NFL or any of the respected teams. This site is for entertainment purposes and it not meant to be used for gambling or anything related to gambling. Any questions should be directed to the Pool Administrator.